Join our professional troupe of actors as we present The Elves and The Shoemaker, an original adaptation by Andrew Alburger. A shoemaker falls on hard times. Enter the elves who hear of his plight and come in the night to secretly help the shoemaker cobble his shoes. To the delight of the shoemaker, customers come from near and far to buy his shoes.


Children’s Theater Tour travels to schools, pre-schools and public venues to present stories with important messages for young audiences. STP is grateful to the Papoose Club for its continued support of this program.


Public Performance: St. Thomas Church - 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Schools: Bellevue Elementary, Alturas Elementary, Hailey Elementary, Hemingway Elementary, Sun Valley Community School ES/ECC, Pioneer Montessori, Syringa Mountain School, Big Wood Pre-school, Little River Pre-School, Learning Garden Pre-School and Jill’s G’Day Care

Stellaluna | Children’s Theater Tour 2018

Stellaluna | Children’s Theater Tour 2018